Roger Cleveland, founder of Cleveland Golf, joined Callaway Golf Company in January 1996 and now serves the Research & Development and Pro Tour Divisions as Callaway’s Chief Designer. His craftsmanship and expertise make him one of the most sought-after clubmakers in the world, and he regularly applies his personal touch to the equipment of many of golf’s leading professionals. Mr. Cleveland has brought his vision, experience and craftsmanship to a number of Callaway Golf products, including the much anticipated Mack Daddy 2 Tour Grind wedges. 

Design & Finish

Premium forged in 1020 Carbon steel for the softest feel. Chrome produces a rich, muted look that reduces glare. Slate finish is pre-oxidized so that over time it will give you the Tour preferred distinctive, non-glare look.

Custom Sole Grind
T-Grind. Heel/toe relief with straighter leading edge for better turf interaction.

Forged High Performance Groove Pattern
39% larger grooves for 25% more spin out of the rough.* Laser Milled Micro Grooves increase surface roughness for more spin and control. Pre conditions the face to add surface roughness after the micro grooves wear off.

Mens Mack Daddy 2 Tour Chrome Specs

Finish          Grind        Loft         Lie         Bounce        Available In          Length          Swing Weight
Chrome      C Grind    52°           64°        10°                 RH / LH                   35.375"         D3
Chrome      C Grind    54°           64°        11°                 RH Only                  35.25"           D4
Chrome      C Grind    56°           64°        11°                 RH / LH                   35.25"            D4
Chrome      C Grind    58°           64.5°       9°                 RH / LH                   35.125"         D3
Chrome      C Grind    60°           64.5°       9°                 RH / LH                   35.125"         D4

Mens Mack Daddy 2 Tour Slate Specs

Finish             Grind         Loft        Lie          Bounce          Available In          Length          Swing Weight
Slate               C Grind     52°          64°         10°                   RH / LH                   35.375"         D3
Slate               C Grind     54°          64°         11°                   RH Only                  35.25"           D4
Slate               C Grind     56°          64°         11°                   RH / LH                   35.25"           D4
Slate               C Grind     58°          64.5°       9°                    RH / LH                   35.125"         D3
Slate               C Grind     60°          64.5°       9°                    RH / LH                   5.125"           D4