MD3 Milled Satin Chrome

MD3 Milled Matte Black

3 Grinds For Every Shot, Every Condition and Every Swing

We’ve developed 3 unique grinds to suit the shots you hit, the courses you play and the swings you make. It’s the versatility and selection you need to get up and down from anywhere.


Designed for firmer conditions and versatility around the green. The heel and toe relief allow for a number of shots, especially opening up the face and keeping the leading edge low.

Shot Type

Variety of shot types, great for shots with varying face angle

Condition Type

Great for firmer conditions

Swing Type

Suits more of a sweeping attack angle, shallow divot


Our most versatile option. It’s great for a wide range of conditions (normal, soft or firm), shot types, and swings (moderate to sweeping attack angles).

Shot Type

All, very versatile

Condition Type

Great for a wide range of conditions

Swing Type

Suits a variety of swings from more steep to more sweep, moderate divot


A slightly wider sole. It’s perfect if you play in softer conditions or you come in with a steep angle to the ball. And it’s extremely playable out of all types of bunkers.

Shot Type

Normal shot, Bunker Shots, Rough

Condition Type

Great for softer conditions

Swing Type

Suits steeper swing types, larger divot

Progressive Groove Optimization

The MD3 Milled line has Progressive Groove Optimization – A 3 groove package precision milled into the face of these wedges that optimizes spin as you go up in loft. It creates a smoother spin transition from your irons to wedges. The 30V grooves in the Pitching and Gap Wedges are built for shots that require a steep angle into the ball. The 20V grooves in the sand wedges are designed for full shots and bunker shots, and we put in wider 5V grooves in the lob wedges for better control for shots out of the rough and around the green.

Pitching/Gap – 30v

46º 48º 50º 52º

Sand – 20v
54º 56º

Lob – 5v
58º 60º